Cottrill’s is proud to serve the pharma and bio-tech companies that we partner with.  Making sure patients have access to, and stay on the medication that is prescribed to them.


Clinical Expertise

The clinical staff at Cottrill’s is comprised of certified specialty pharmacists, registered infusion nurses, and a medical director. Our medical director helps to facilitate complex cases with the rest of the clinical team to maximize patient outcomes.

Patient Adherence

Proactively identifying potential barriers to adherence allows the Cottrill’s team to keep patients on their prescribed medication and improves their outcomes. Regular communication with patients allows us to identify social determinants of health so we can customize their treatment plan.

Data Management

Cottrill’s comprehensive data management program improves adherence and maximizes both outcomes and cost savings. Closely monitoring/analyzing data, and comparing to baseline data collected throughout treatment, allows us to make strategic decisions, as well as measure and validate a patient's response to therapy.

Patient Education

Cottrill’s team members communicate monthly with patients through phone calls and our CottrillsCare app, keeping them informed on all aspects of their prescribed medication.

Speed to Therapy

Getting a patient on their prescribed medication quickly and keeping them on it is very important. The intake department at Cottrill’s turns all referrals around within 48 hours.

Cottrill’s Specialty Pharmacy is an accredited national provider of Specialty Medications. We provide the expertise and attention to detail that ensures patients have access to, and stay on their therapy for rare diseases, complex or chronic conditions and genetic disorders.

We identify determinants of health such as economic, social and community barriers, which allows us to help patients adhere to their prescribed treatment.


We are experts in the most complicated and hardest to manage conditions and diseases. We have years of experience treating these conditions and managing the treatment therapies associated with them. Our dedicated staff assists in every step of the patient journey assuring adherence and maximizing outcomes.

Why Cottrill’s ?

  • Speed to therapy
  • Clinical expertise in specialty medications
  • Live support and access to our pharmacists and staff
  • Extensive data management program
  • Experienced certified specialty pharmacists and infusion nurses
  • Patient adherence and satisfaction
  • Identification of social determinants of health 

A trusted partner for limited distribution drugs

Limited distribution drugs require an ultra-personalized level of service. Service that can only be provided through constant attention to details.

  • Disease specific clinical programs
  • Outcomes management specific to each condition
  • Personalized patient treatment plans
  • Technology platforms for patient interactions
  • Comprehensive data management

When it comes to patient care we believe in customized solutions and one-on-one attention for every patient.


When new drugs are being launched we work closely with the pharmaceutical company to understand what happened in their clinical trials, what side effects patients may experience, and what are the best dosing recommendations. We make sure our pharmacists are providing exceptional care.