Specialty Pharmacy


What is Infertility?

Infertility treatments can be extremely complex and stressful for hopeful parents. That’s why the team at Cottrill’s Pharmacy does so much more than just offer fertility medications. We also provide guidance and compassionate support to all of our patients. We will show you how to properly use fertility medications while minimizing discomfort, and we can help you understand and manage side effects that may result from hormonal shifts common during treatment. We are here to answer your questions, connect you with fertility treatment resources and let you know that you are not alone during these challenging times. We will also work with your doctor and your health insurance company to help ensure that you have access to the most effective, affordable fertility medications.

Our services

Our team understands the complexity of your treatment, and provides unique and valuable services not found in traditional pharmacies, including:

  • Extensive stock of infertility medications and related supplies your doctor may prescribe
  • Convenient delivery options – free overnight delivery available
  • Pharmacist available to answer your questions 24/7
  • Patient education program and materials provided, including injection training

Maximize benefits, minimize costs

Insurance coverage for infertility treatment is different for each patient, and working with insurance companies can be complex. Let our Patient Care Coordinators research your pharmacy insurance benefits, help you understand your medication coverage, and minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Verification of your pharmacy insurance

  • Prior authorization of prescription coverage saves you time, money and paperwork
  • Cash discount programs and competitive prices on brand name products, as well as generics
  • Assistance with manufacturer compassionate medication programs, if applicable
  • Direct billing to insurance carriers
  • All major credit cards, including FSAs, are accepted

Upon receipt of your prescription, our fertility team begins to process your order. Our Patient Care Coordinators will call you to discuss your treatment plan, explain your pharmacy insurance benefits, payment options and setup delivery to your home or location of choice.

Your order will arrive with all necessary supplies, including medication instructions, sharps disposal unit, needles and syringes – at no extra cost