Compounding Pharmacy

Scar & Wound Care

We all get burns, cuts, and scrapes, unfortunately more serious wounds can also occur. Patients that have any type of incision such as surgical incisions, tubes, and catheters can be vulnerable to infection. Large, deep wounds and wounds that are prone to infection may need special treatment as they heal. If you have suffered a wound, proper care can promote healing and reduce your risk of contamination and infection.

Wound care compounding involves several approaches and medications applied topically. Some of the medications are designed with the goal of stimulating new tissue growth, reducing pain, and discouraging bacterial overgrowth. Other medications are designed to increase blood flow to the wound and are applied to the area around the wound.

Cottrill’s Pharmacy can provide special formulations according to your prescription. Whether you need a single product or a combination of ingredients with a particular base, we can customize the right treatment for your needs. The choice of cream, ointment, or gel can be clinically significant. Each time a wound needs to be cleaned, there is the potential for disruption of new tissue growth. Gels, which are more water soluble than creams or ointments, may be preferable for wound use because a gel can be rinsed from the wound by irrigation. Another useful dosage form is the polyox bandage which can be puffed onto a wound and will adhere even if exudate is present. Polyox bandages can be compounded to contain whatever active ingredients your physician prescribes.